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"You need new shoes."

"These shoes are totally gone", said the lady in the shop. And to be fair to her, I had owned them for nearly three years and already run/walked a marathon in them back in 2015. My trusty blue shoes with the yellow/green laces.

"You're running the marathon? You need new shoes."
My old shoes had done 500km outside when tracked, plus all the runs where GPS didn't track or wasn't taken or wasn't turned on, plus all the treadmill runs. So they were a bit tired.

I left them in the shop and ran home in the new ones. The new ones are ace. They're black. Ninja.

A couple of days after buying them I was able to do my longest run so far. 21.5km. Which is just over 13miles. And it turned out to be my fastest ever 15km, my fastest ever 20km and my fastest ever 13.1miles. I think my new trainers will do just fine.

And yes, I'm impressed by my base speed so early on. I didn't mean to go so fast, it just felt good. Fingers crossed it continues.

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