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Something silly. Again.

Hello friends, I've done something silly. Again. I'm running the London Marathon. Again. 26.22miles on these chicken legs. Again. Hopefully.

**Photos from November 2013**

My goals for the race in 2018 are:
• not to poop myself
• finish in a more respectable time. I'd love to take a whole hour off of my 2015 time and finish in 3hrs 53mins but I think 4hrs 23 mins is more realistic.
• Moonwalk around Cutty Sark. (I'll need to learn to moonwalk first)
• Use the foil blanket after the race.
• Not make my hernia too much worse.
• Get through the training without injuring myself. Previously a physio described me as "biomechanically unfit" to run a marathon.
• Raise £3,119.

Intrigued? Curious? Let me explain:

And if you’d consider supporting me I’d be honoured. £26.22 for 26.22 miles? Go on, you know you want to. But seriously, even £1 would be awesome. x

Thank you for reading.

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