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Kicked in the Balls. Again.

10 days to go

Hello friends,

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, all 145 of you, I’m overwhelmed by your support.  Thanks to you I’ve raised £3,400 so far (including Gift Aid) and it feels like everyone I know is sponsoring me but there must be one or two who haven’t. I’m not that far off my target now so if you know of someone who hasn’t yet, please feel free to forward this email to them for their consideration.  I’m all inclusive - everyone is welcome to laugh at my chicken legs.   

And a big hello to everyone who has sponsored me since my last update went out, the text of that update is at the bottom of this email trail and the photos are in the facebook album. You might want to start there.

For those of you who did receive my last update, I was preparing for the Kingston Half Marathon on the 29th March.  The weather forecast was for rain and gusting 40mph and so it proved.  It was a reduced field with many of the entrants opting to stay in bed but I figured that the actual marathon might be in those conditions so I was keen to run.  So keen in fact, that I was the second person to arrive.  I then sat around for the next 90 minutes (d’oh) waiting for the start but at least I had my choice of the warm chairs. 

The race went amazingly well, it felt like I floated round. I paced myself well and I had so much energy at the end. I was able to run the last mile significantly faster than the first 12 and still put in a pretty good sprint finish too.  My time was 2:08:30 and I couldn’t believe it, I was over the moon.  (See photo)

And that’s when life kicked me in the balls again.

I tore my calf muscle a couple of days later during the first mile of a lunchtime run. I can only assume it was too soon after such exertion and that despite my normal warm up, my body just wasn’t ready for another run.

After two weeks rest and after being assessed by my physio she gave me the green light to complete a long run on Sunday (12th).  I have to admit the thought “but it’s been two weeks since I last ran, what if I’ve forgotten how?” did cross my mind but I was able to ignore that internal voice.

On the 12th April, I ran the Putney and Fulham Half Marathon, collected my bag and then ran to the tube so just over 15 miles in total.  My time for the half was 2:16:00. I felt my calf from within the first mile and it must have been causing my gait to alter as by the end my left glute and right thigh muscles were pretty sore.  Plus it was hot and there was one less drinks station than advertised (bit naughty of the organisers) so I was pretty dehydrated by the end.  It was a slow couple of miles to the tube as I seized up pretty well in the three or four minutes I was stationary queuing for my bag.  On the positive side, my calf was so sore that I didn’t feel any pain in my knees (well, not *that* much pain) and I was able to run in my marathon shirt (see photo) and there were no rubbing issues or any reason not to run the full marathon in it. Yes!

I’m very happy about my choice of shirt and thank you to for turning the printing round so quickly. (See photo).

I’m pretty confident that once I’m going, I can keep going.  A “run two miles, walk one mile” strategy is still an option but one I haven’t yet tested.  I’m comfortable with my fuel and hydration plan and my fingers are crossed my physio tomorrow morning is as positive as I currently am.


1) Kingston Half Marathon 

2) Putney and Fulham Half Marathon photo

3) THE SHIRT in all its glory. :-)

4) Post half marathon recovery ice.

Thanks again for your support. 10 days to go...

blue skies


PS I am very much looking forward to the week after the week after the marathon. :-)

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