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Journey into the Unknown

2 days to go

Howdy folks,

Sunday is fast approaching, just two days away, I’m equal parts grateful (for your support and encouragement), excited and terrified.  I’ve done some stupid things in my life but this probably ranks right up there. I mean, 26.2 MILES.  My longest run so far is 16.7 miles and that was tough, adding another 9 miles is a journey into the unknown.  

And that .2 is super important, often forgotten but you don’t get a medal if you don’t run the .2

After an eventful training period where due to injuries I did approx half the runs in my plan, I think I’m in as good shape as I can be.  My Physio gave me the once over on Tuesday and she was pleased with the recovery from my calf tear. 

Plan A is to get to the finish, normally this is people’s Plan B but for me it’s the ultimate goal. I just want to get home. I’ll be running at 4hrs 40 pace, walking through the water stations and with a couple of loo stops that should see me home before 4:59:59.

Ok, maybe I do care about the time just a little bit. :-)

The mass start is 10:10, I’ll be through the gates about 10:20 and finishing just after 3pm.  If you’re spectating I’ll be wearing the shirt in the photo attached, black shorts, a pained expression and if it’s raining, a white cap too. Be great to see/hear/high five you. I’ll link my number to my facebook profile and if we’re connected, you’ll see three updates, start, halfway and end times.

I’m hoping for overcast weather. Without a colon I don’t absorb as much salt as a normal person would so I have to add extra to my food.  On a normal day I take an electrolyte mix drink to supplement my diet otherwise I can feel pretty lethargic.  If it’s a hot day I’ll be losing even more fluid and replacing the salts/electrolytes will be an issue but one I’m very aware of and have a plan for.

The other burning issue is in the wardrobe department. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I shrunk my running shorts in the wash. They’re now too tight and they ride up constantly when running. Ugh.  This leaves me with somewhat of a dilemma but I’m sure my back up shorts will be fine even if they don’t win sartorial awards.

I have some people to thank:

- to all 200+ of you for supporting and encouraging me so much. It’s truly moving. Thank you.

- Simon K for telling me about the book "Run Less, Run More".

- Phil/Barry/Daryl for the endless enthusiasm and motivation.

- Ian T and the skydivers who don't have planes for answering my endless questions.

- Emma for the Physio treatment.

- Dennis for dragging me round my first two hour + run. And everyone I ran with socially.

- Everyone who told me I should defer but who unwittingly provided the best motivation.

- “anonymous” for the funniest donation. For several seconds I thought I was famous. :-(

and you, again, thank you. I hope to speak to you all individually at some point but before that this email will have to do.



PS if you’re one of my work colleagues, there are still some treats left next to my desk.

PPS it could be worse, I mean, I could be this nervous AND not have a colon. Oh...

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