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Made it home.

Made it home for anyone wondering. Really tough run for me, not only 20 stupid miles, but a bad cold and a sore knee reduced training over the past couple of weeks. Maybe going straight into a 20miler wasn't the cleverest thing to do?

Delayed start meant I probably didn't fuel correctly today. Think too much food in the system caused the hernia to ache throughout. No wild toilet trips required though.

Ended up with a couple of spare energy gels too. Not sure how that happened. Must have skipped one. D'oh.

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Right knee is sore. Felt it from 5k in. Was getting slower and slower. I think the extra long distance, the constant stop/start nature of the first half, the uneven and surprisingly slippy wet first 5k aggravated my ITB. (iliotibial band). Having two seven year olds overtake me in the Greenwich foot tunnel hurt my ego. And had to walk a fair amount by the end. :-(

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When I said meticulous planning went into my route... I meant shoddy. Took a wrong turn within first couple of km and ended up going over the top of Hampstead Heath trying to meet back with my planned route without adding distance. Stupid hills. Nice view but damn depressing. The end is 6miles the other side of Canary Wharf in the photo.

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Getting lost meant home was about 2 miles further than planned. Knee wasn't happy so stopped at 20 miles and got an uber for the last bit. Shame the knee wasn't stronger but have a bigger goal in three weeks. Not worth the risk.

Next I need to work out how to stop losing the blood flow in my fingers. Happens about 30mins after I finish a long run. At least it's only one finger on each hand today.

But still 20 miles. Goal achieved. Next...