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London's Big Half Marathon - a Personal Best!

Apologies for the self congratulatory post but I’m feeling pretty chuffed. I knocked 7.5 minutes off my half marathon PB this morning (now 1h59m31s). And then ran the three miles home (marathon plan said run 16miles today).

Things I learnt today?
- Sir Mo made it to the 5mile mark by the time I was at the 1mile mark. I did give him a headstart though.
- Sir Ian McKellan will wave at you from a window in Narrow St if you wave at him.
- running with 20k other people and a big crowd can spur you on more than you realise.
- it’s really cute when the spectators around you go ‘awwww’ in unison when you spot your gf on the sidelines and head over for a kiss.
- Seeing someone you know makes a big difference.
- Playing with the crowd (shouting, clapping, high fives) gives me energy.
- I need to build up my upper arms so that they don’t fatigue out too soon in the full marathon. Plenty of high fives to be had.
- That foil blankets are surprisingly warm.
- Not to throw away your (disposable) clothes too early before the start. Don’t copy everyone else… only when you see the start line.
- that I still haven't lost a toe nail yet. But I fear it is inevitable now.
- Wearing two t-shirts was perfect for today’s temperatures.
- That I haven’t worked out a solution to the chafing issues. But I will.

Now? Now for a recovery nap in front of the TV. G'night.

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