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A brief history in photos

Total colectomy and ileo-rectal anastamosis

Got my jar in preparation. :-)
9th October 2013, the morning of my first surgery.
25th October 2013. One colon removed, another two arrive in the post from Japan! (They were tasty)
Home first time. 30th October 2013. Thinking of starting my own pharmacy.
8th Nov 2013, recovery room post second Op. I wasn't expecting to be still here two days later (no beds in intensive care). Resting heart rate 145bpm throughout this period.
Back in my hospital room. Snoozing off the morphine.
Jan 2014
I'd just sat through my first BPA Council meeting with the aid of my hot water bottle to keep the stomach cramps under control.
6 April 2014. Optimism persuaded me to try flying in the wind tunnel again. Two one minute sessions. One back fly and one on my stomach.  This is where I gave myself an inguinal hernia. Optimism is a curse...
Managed to join in the fun at the Wingsuit Competition at Nethers in May 2013. Being light helped me take Bronze in the tracking competition despite getting cramp on most jumps.
The hernia I gave myself in the tunnel (previous pic) hadn't yet got serious enough to stop me jumping. But it did pretty soon afterwards and I was off physical activity from July or so until a hernia repair could be carried out in mid-September. I was advised to avoid strenuous activity for six to eight weeks.
13th Nov 2014 I ran 1km on the treadmill. Five and a half months to the marathon. My friends and family think I'm crazy.
Further updates available in the more recent blogs.
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